Corporate valuation

Knowing the market value of your company can be of great advantage in many situations to make the right decisions, regardless of an existing sales intent. If one considers to sale his business, an up-to-date company valuation is necessary.

We analyse your business, consider your market position, competition, market development and trends, unique selling propositions, product life cycles, customer and supplier structure, management, employees, capital requirements, etc. But also, your personal goals and surrounding conditions will be considered.

As a result, you will get a detailed valuation report with a well-founded valuation of your business.

If the planned sale of your business is not under time pressure, it is advisable to strategically prepare the company for the sale. In our company analysis, we identify topics that negatively impact the selling price or even question the sale of a business. With concrete recommendations for action we support you in the strategic preparation of your sales project and optimization of your selling price.

A valuation carried out by raninger business development offers the entrepreneur several advantages:

  • Neutral view of an external observer: The analysis reveals the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the company and offers the entrepreneur a neutral view from outside the company. Our breadth of experience enables us to deliver benchmarks from many industries.
  • Recommendations for change: The entrepreneur receives recommendations regarding the planned sale. For example, Points that would make a sale difficult or reduce the selling price.
  • Selling price bandwidth: Ultimately, the achievable sales price is negotiable. Our valuations provide a transaction bandwidth and thus an excellent basis for negotiation.
  • Recommendation for the further course of action: Considering the personal goals of the entrepreneur, he receives recommendations for designing the further sales process.
  • Preparation for a due diligence. A corresponding analysis is also a very good preparation for the inevitable due diligence in an M&A Process. A due diligence plays a significant role in a corporate sale and should be carefully prepared by the seller. Our analysis considers the essential points of a due diligence and points out possible issues. Thus, you could clean up and be well prepared.
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